Steve Hall President of Softball
Kelly Herold Vice President of Softball
Beth Berger Treasurer
Shannon Haddaway Secretary
Erin Poole Coaching Coordinator
Amanda Fasig Player Agent
Mike McLain Safety Officer
Angela Atkins Director of Marketing/Fundraising
Jennifer Johnson Scheduling/Field Coordinator
Aimee Hartley Uniform Manager
Nate Hartley Umpire in Chief

Steve Hall- President of Softball 

Steve has played competitive softball for over 20 years, as well as coaching an all-men’s league while playing.  He got into coaching when his oldest daughter was ready to play softball. Steve has coached for 7 years between Anne Arundel and Kent Island programs.  He’s been the director of softball since 2021 on the Kent Island board of directors, prior to starting the Little League program as President of softball with Kelly Herold (VP of softball).

Kelly Herold- Vice President of Softball 

Kelly grew up on Kent Island and played in Kent Island’s previous little league program where she acquired a love for the game. She continued on to play on the first ever varsity softball team at KIHS when it opened. Kelly has played in a few adult leagues over her college and adult life so far and enjoys coaching her daughter while passing on the love for the game. She has served as Vice President of softball since 2021 and helped start the new little league charter for softball with Steve Hall.